Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday in review

Today we went to a meeting after church to find out about signing up for membership. It was nice because we got to meet all of the major players in the church management and talk for a bit about what brought us there etc etc.

We shared warm conversation and learned quite a bit about the people we worshiped with every week.

After the meeting it was quite late in the afternoon. Instead of putting Rowan down for a late nap and messing up bedtime schedule,. we opted instead to keep her up. She's finally at the age where she can skip a nap and still function.

Anyhoo, with our free afternoon devoid of nap time we ran out to a local food market. Its one of our favorite stores around. They have as much local produce as possible as well other small local shops that rent out space within the market. There is a bakery, a speciality butcher shop and even a cheese shop!

We bought some aged gouda which is one of my all time fave cheeses... and the best part of the whole trip, some granola! Granola, you might ask? Yes, granola. Magnificently sweet salty chewey crunchy granola that you can't stop eating... its as good as potato chips!

The best part.. its all natural, with no preservitives. Basically its oats, honey, seseame and poppy seeds, almonds and brown sugar. Its amazing... and I can't stop eating it hahaha.

Check out thier web site, and I highy suggest trying some!