Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing Grace

Service today was exceptionally moving.

We had a guest Pastor as Pastor Mark had gone on vacation with his wife.

The pastor that spoke is a member of our congregation and also a retired pastor himself. Although his face was severe with age, his voice and countenance were surprisingly and refreshingly kind.

The gist of his sermon spoke of being the baton barrers of our Christian faith. Of running the good race, and passing the word of God's love for us all.

The part that moved me to tears was a story he told about a young man that had belonged to his church during WWII. The young man had graduated college as a journalist... and had been sent to London to report on the war.

He got London and checked into his hotel. It was a tumultuous time... and during his first night there, he was witness to what was called The Blitz.

As soon as night fell, chaos broke out and bombs began to fall upon the city. There was fire everywhere, ambulances screaming through the streets, buildings falling and crumbling. Women weeped and children cried.

The young man fell to his knees. He prayed to God to take his life. He prayed that he could not live in a world of such indifference and suffering and hate.

He fell asleep to sound of pain all around him.

He awoke to much different sound.

Across the street from the hotel, and in view of his window, was a church. It no longer had a roof. There were small fires and smoldering remains of rooms and debris around it. And in the center of the beheaded church, sat the congregation. They sang "The Church's One Foundation."

The young man dropped back down to his knees... and he prayed and thanked The Lord for sparing his life. For there was hope even in the war he had found himself in the middle of. And he was heartened to remember that God loved him.

The pastor continued to speak of how God loves us all. And that even in the midst of our struggles, we must remember he remains by our side.

Perhaps it just struck a cord with me because of the changes occurring in my own life. About the imminent loss of our home, and the large move we face an hour and a half away back to the town I grew up in. It's all a bit scary, a bit overwhelming a bit exciting... yet it's much easier to face when I remember that I don't' walk alone. I have my family, my husband.. my amazing daughter, and I have my God. Faithfully by my side. Ready and willing to love me if only I ask for his help.

The service ended with us singing Amazing Grace...... and I cried again.