Monday, February 23, 2009

Children's Museum of NH

The Children's Museum of NH is always a fun time! We headed over today as Barney had the day off and so did our friend Ryry (my BFF) and her daughter Lily (Rowan's BFF).

The girls had a great time playing! And damn they be cute!

and of course here is some funny Youtube goodness.. my hubs is a goof.


A New England Life said...

What a cute post Anabelle! That must be the new museum in Dover. The only one we ever went to was in Portsmouth. How I loathed that place. This one looks much more modern and fun. Just ask your husband!

Anabelle said...

Ha! it is the new one in Dover.. I do love it, but I also loved the old one.. it was old and dirty, yes...however my mom took me there as a kid so it had alot of memories for me.

The new museum doens't have the giant yellow submarine... just a small one.. that part stinks, but the rest of the place is awesome :)