Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homemade with LOVE

Its that wonderfully Hallmark induced time of year again... Valentine's Day approacheth.

Rowan's preschool class will be exchanging Valentine's Cards so I thought she and I could get together and make some home made ones.

I forgot to get pics of her helping of course, because it was fun and she was going crazy with the glue stick and needed some close supervision. But here are the step by step pics with instructions :)

I cut a heart shape out of a peice of cardboard. Then I measured a 1/2 inch into the center along the edge and cut out a center heart also.

I made a large heart of the patterned top and the nuetral backing. Then I cut a smaller heart out of the nuetral paper to put on the front on top of the patterned top.

Cut out circles along the edge with a paper punch, and then crochet coordinating yarn into the holes. Create a hanger if you want... and a tuft of unfurled yarn out the front as decoration.

Address the Valentine... and Voila! Done :)


*~*Lis*~* said...

too cute!!!

We made Valentines Sun Catchers for today's project - everyone LOVED them! Even the babies understood putting the little hearts on the contact paper. I'll post pics soon - but probably just e-mail some to you first :)