Friday, February 20, 2009

Walmart Comparison

I did a little price checking today on the items I bought at Shaws just because I was a little currious.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix - 1.79 - shaws Card off .54 Total 1.25 (always 1.25 at Walmart)

Betty Crocker Frosting - 2.19 - shaws Card off .52 Total 1.67 (1.54 at Walmart)

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 2.19 - Shaws Card off .52 Total 1.67 (1.72 at Walmart)
Pills Choc Chip Cookies 3.59 - Shaws Card 1.09 - coupon .5 Total 2.00 (2.06 At Walmart)
Pill Choc Chip Cookies 3.69 - Shaws Savings 1.19 - coupon .5 Total 2.00 (2.38 at Walmart)
Grands Bisquits 2.50 - 1.25 Shaws Card - coupon .25 Total 1.00 (1.62 at Walmart)

I just thought it was interesting that most of the prices were almost the same before using a coupon at all. Granted at Shaw's I did earn that 10 dollars off your next purchase coupon, but its definitly not worth shopping there unless I'm going after that deal.


*~*Lis*~* said...

speaking of deals - i was in BJ's today for diapers and the other stuff I buy in bulk. I needed milk so I figured I'd just get it there and not have to go into another store - to my surprise the Garelick Farms brand was $2.48 a gallon! that's even cheaper than the GV brand - you know from those wal-mart brand cows that I can't buy? :)