Monday, January 5, 2009


I use the word "perfect" with Rowan a lot. Not in describing her or anything shameless like that, but in telling her how she had done with a task.

She helps me cook in the morning by stirring my scrambled eggs as I fry bacon... That's perfect Rowan.

She likes to get me a piece of toilet paper while I pee... and she shows me the amount she will pull off before she does so, she needs the reassurance... That's perfect Rowan.

She likes to help me sweep.. and makes a little pile of dirt...looks up at me with her big blue eyes...That's perfect Rowan.

Rowan now beleives the word perfect describes any job well done... no matter how mundane. Tonight she stuffed her Hullaballoo game back into its box and looked at me..."Is that perfect mama?" She just wanted to know if she'd done it ok... but because of my use of the word.. she now has a weird view upon what it means.

Just goes to show the trials and tribulations of learning a language... for the very first time.


*~*Lis*~* said...

yea it's amazing isn't it?! Lorelei learns a new word just about everyday - her newest is "ankle". so now every time she hurts herself she says "mum, my ankle hurts!"