Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Open House - The kitchen

My friend Elissa thought I should share my bedroom since I have been having sex so much hahaha But its a mess so here's my kitchen.

Barney and I redid the kitchen like I mentioned, last year. I'm pretty proud of it... not that its super nice or anything but there's alot of our blood sweat and tears in there!

I have always been a country girl, and have a warm inviting country kitchen is important to me. So I painted the walls a warm buttery yellow and hung barn stars all over. :) I also have a chair rail on the one empty wall with a darker blue color painted underneath. So it's a warm cozy country blue and yellow space for me!

The patch on the ceiling is from a repair the hubs did, that he's still working on.

I have small closet in the kitchen with a stackable washer dryer... I love vintage looking signs so this hangs above that closet door.

Lastly I share a few pics of the counter tops.. which I love to occupy with Salmon Falls Stoneware. Its a local stoneware company and the patterns are gorgeous!


*~*Lis*~* said...

what's up with Barney leaving a half finished ceiling? must be the aforementioned meds.... :)