Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open House - The Couch

Exciting eh? I'm sure you wanted to learn everything there is to know about my couch hahaha But lets take a closer look. (please don't stare at the crumbs on the rug, I hadn't vacuumed yet haha).

You obviously can see my lap top hanging out on my rather scratched up coffee table... When my pug was a puppy he thought the top of the brand new Pier One coffee table we'd purchased was a playground for him. His little pug nails massacred my gorgeous new table. I vow someday to strip the finish, sand it down, and restore it it to it's original glory.

Hanging on the side of the couch there is a quilt. I made that quilt.. by hand, a few years ago. When I say by hand I mean that I did not use a sewing machine at all. Every block is handed sewed, and the back was all sewn on by hand also. It was a labor of love.. but that quilt will be handed down someday to my child...to snuggle under with her future children some day.

On the side table there is a pile of yarn and a half finished afghan. That is for my little sister's birthday in February. I've been working on it for about a week or so now and I'm pretty impressed with how far along its come. I thought for sure I would struggle to finish it by Feb but I'm nearly done. :)

Now you can't see them well in this picture, but if yo scroll down to the picture of the entire living room, you will see three canvases hanging above my couch. These paintings were also done by me. I painted them specifically to match my living room, hence the reds and yellows. I love them even though they are simple. They give my home that warm cozy feeling I love. They never seem to stay straight however and i have to readjust them often. I've had them now for about 6 years... wow.. that's a long time.

Now in this picture you will again see my pile of yarn. But also my Van Gogh print. I love love love Van Gogh. I have his art hung around my home in many places. This is one of my favorites... and I think it matches my decor nicely.


*~*Lis*~* said...

you're so crazy!