Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year - New diet

Well it's that time of year again when people set resolutions, and as usual, one of mine is to lose weight.

6 days ago I started the South Beach diet. I've done it before many times and its always helped me lose weight. I'm hoping this time, I can stick to it to get long term results.

It works by eating a very low carb diet. You can eat lean meats, legumes of all kinds and veggies as long as its not potato, corn, carrot or yams.

Its really not to bad, and after a few days the carb addiction is gone and I'm eatting only when hungry.

Here is what I've consumed today.

Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs topped with fat free cheddar, three slices of turkey bacon.

Snack: Tablespoon of peanut butter topped with a few sprays of canned whip cream.

Lunch: A romaine salad, topped with light red kidney beans, fat free cheddar, feta cheese, sunflower seeds for crunch and spray raspberry vinaigrette.

Snack: Two hard boiled eggs and a blop of low fat cottage cheese.

Dinner: Sauteed chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and fat free mozzarella.. and a mound of steamed broccoli and green beans spritzed with spray butter and dusted with Parmesan cheese.

Sounds yummy eh? It really isn't that bad, and I feel healthful at the end of the day. I've lost 5 lbs already. You always lose fast in the beginning though and then it slows down a bit.

I know long term weight loss results from small lifestyle changes though. And that's my goal. :)

Here's to being a size 6 again!


*~*Lis*~* said...

I've been working out - not really a resolution more of a "i'm going to mexico in march and need to wear a bathing-suit". I admit I look good in clothing - but not so much once I shed the camouflage! :)