Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy and Rowan night

Once a week my hubs has been going over to his parents house to help his little brother rebuild his race car for the coming season. It gives him some time away and it gives Rowan and I some super girly time together. Some nights we just snuggle and watch movies, some nights we do mani/pedi's, and tonight we pigged out tatortots and played outside :)

Rowan came out with me to walk our dog... something my hubs normally does.. but alas, it was my duty today. Anyhow, once we were done with him, she wanted to take her little plastic dog out for a walk... to be just like mommy. It cracks me up how much a toddler learns through simple imitation.

The best part, is that she took the toy pup over to the fire hydrant to pee hahaha.

And then on to our feast...

And for the grand finally... Mommy playing a little Candid Camera with Rowan.. but I think she out smarted me.. she knew something was up.


*~*Lis*~* said...

you bad mom! you promised her you weren't taking her pic! meanie! :)

she's so cute - that's really the first time i've heard her talk, she was a little shy at halloween and i didn't see her much at the twins b-day. it's amazing their vocabulary now huh? lorelei learns something new everyday lately.