Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Open House

The place where a person lives is the epicenter of their life. Its where quiet moments are shared, peaceful thoughts are created, long days are ended upon comfy mattresses... meals are cooked, love is created.

A home to me shows a lot about a person. A home is filled with the things a person loves. So inspired by this thought, I have decided to create Sunday Open House.

I will share a few photos every week of my home and will tell you the story about the objects that I have placed in my home.

Today I thought I would start with a few wide angle over all views of our main living space.

This is the living room. The walls are a color called Stoneham Beige which my husband and I have been arguing over since we moved in. It obviously came with the house along with some lovely stencils that the last owner had done. She put so much work into the stencils that I just decided to keep the color. Why not, its fairly neutral and kind of warm and cozy-like. It matched our furniture also so it stayed.

Anyhow, back to the argument. My husband insists it's green. I insist its just beige. I guess we'll never know who's right.

The window looks out over the parking lot.. as we live in a townhouse not a "real home" as some not so thoughtful family members have mentioned haha. You can see where I spend my time on my laptop... where Rowan plays...and where we relax... ps.. pardon the clutter, I hadn't cleaned yet.

This the entry way to our kitchen. Our downstairs is one long space consisting of a small half bath, the aformentioned living room and our kitchen. Upstairs we have two bedrooms and a full bath... we like to call the place cozy.. or small.. what ever haha

Our sliding glass door goes out onto our deck... and overlooks the woods. Its very serene back there, and during the summer we spend a lot of time on the deck grilling and playing in a sand box. I love when the light comes shining through onto the floors... It makes it feel warm in here even though you can see the snow out the window.

And lastly here is my cute little country kitchen. Barney and I redid this kitchen about a year ago. We installed all the cabinets and the countertops by ourselves..(pat on back) It was hard work but well worth it. Its warm and inviting... and we spend alot of time in here together surrounded by the buttery yellow walls.

Do you want to share your home home with me? I challenge you to do the same... leave me a link to you blog post with pictures of your home, so I can get a picture into the world that is your life too :)