Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anniversary Excursion

My friend Ryan's birthday is today. We went out last night to celebrate with her family. Her father paid for everyone to race go-karts at F1 in Boston... it was a long drive there but it was super fun!

There were only four of us that raced, I most definitly sat out to watch and of course take pics... someone had to record the rediculousness :)

Ryan, Sam (her sister),Rick (her dad) and Boo all suited up. Barney even brought his own helmet which I thought was cute.

For those that are new to my blog or don't know me in person, Barney has been racing stock cars since he was 16 years old. He only stopped because we decided to start a family. I'm sure someday he'll go back to it.

Anyhow, it was pretty flippin funny to watch a bunch of people race against a guy that has been racing real cars for over 10 years... haha needless to say, he spanked them... without mercy hahahaha

After the race we headed over to the Hill Tpp Steakhouse for dinner. :) At dinner we gave Ryan our gift to her.. it was a collectable rooster figurine.. she digs roosters I guess. Of course as I handed it to her, she dropped the gift bag with a big thump. She cringed and asked if it was breakable.. I held my breath...

Yeah his head broke off.. it was a clean break though so a little super glue aught to fix him. The running joke of the evening then became Ryan's broken cock. haha Yes we're that juvenile, you wish you were as cool as us hahaha.

Then it was time to head home, where Grammy was snuggled up on our couch with a sleeping Rowan. :)

Here are some pics from the night, as well as a few funny vids :)

My hubs is the fast one that I follow.. that is racing alone...

Hubs winning! :)


*~*Lis*~* said...

I always knew Ryan was a cock-buster!

HA! I crack myself up!

Anabelle said...

HAHAHAHA we were joking all week about how I was going to crochet her some anal beads lol so her card said..."I didn't have time to crochet you those anal beads, so here's a cock instead"

we're so mature.. love it! :)