Friday, January 9, 2009

Is it possible for Another Woman's Eggs to land in your uterus?

Tonight Hubs, I, and the kiddo ran to the local strip mall to buy a new water filter at the mini Sears for our fridge. As part of the new year we decided to be more green. Part of that resolution was to give up bottled water and therefore the needless endless piles of water bottles we toss (recycle of course)

So today I ordered me one of those new fancy BPA free Nalgenes... (Hubs has two already for work).

And since our water filter is about hmmmmmm at least 4 years old hahaha we bought a new one. Now we'll be drinking filtered water from the fridge dispenser... and I feel pretty good about it.

Anyhoodle... there is a dollar store in the strip mall also, so we ran in. I wanted to look around to see if they had anything from Disney's Cars that I could pick up for Ro's party.

They did not... although they did have a small foam puzzle Cars thingy that she ended up walking out with... I'm such a sucker!

The point of the whole story leads us to hear. Rowan grabbed a bag of M&M's from the candy aisle... all sly like.. trying to hide it behind her back. I didn't' mind. She gets treats every now and then... so I was gonna let her have them.

Then she eyeballed a small container of slime.... SLIME people.... Like I want my 2 year old set loose in the house with a bucket of slime.... ugh.

She was hell bent on getting that darn slime though. Finally as we walked up to the check out... I told her she could have the M&M's or the slime.. thinking this was surely going to solve the problem.... But no!!!! She picked the friggin slime!!! and she put the M&M's back! Surely this can not be my child.... What kid gives up candy for slime??? She must be someone else's child for sure.

Consequently... she got slime all over her new pants.. her new shirt... on one of my throw pillows... and stuck in my rug. When she's not looking, its going in the trash.


*~*Lis*~* said...

love the new look! now i've got to go change mine :)