Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chatty Cathy

I have alot to say today.. but I'm to lazy to articulate it all into coherent paragraphs, so I resort once again to the bullets..

(accept I don't know how to put bullets into my blog)

Today is my wedding anniversary as I noted below... Hubs wrote me that adorable albeit adolescent style poem down there and I totally heart him forever for it :)

I bought new shoes yesterday... and I love love love them! I feel sort of "cool" wearing them because they're label brand... and I don't buy that type of stuff often. :) (accept when they're on super clearance and probably left over from last season..shut up, I still feel cool)

My friend Ryan let us borrow her GPS over the weekend to maneuver around Boston.. I still have it in my car... and I love it so much I want to make out with it and perhaps go on a weekend excursion to the Keys with it as my forbidden lover..... Its my new BFF and I may never give it back to her....do you think she'll believe me if I tell her I was robbed and they assailants took it from my car???? And then I went and bought my own because I liked hers so much??? I think that's believable right???? No???

I am working on another CAL block from the Ravelry site... pics to post later today once completed.

I forgot to put deodorant on today and I smell like a Moe's sub..... do they have Moe's Sub shops in other states I wonder??? They're pretty big in New England.

Rowan was not sick when I picked her up from school yesterday for "being sick." Manipulative lying toddler cucka head.

Happy Birthday to my mom!!!!


*~*Lis*~* said...

mmmmm Moe's subs - although I'll never be able to eat one now with out thinking about your armpits.