Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 CAL - Star Overlay Square

This isn't actually part of the CAL Afghan but I got bored and wanted to create a filler square.

I chose the Star Overlay because I thought it was fun and whimsical.. and since my Afghan is going to be super colorful and playful, it fit right in!

Here it is as well as how it looks against the other 2 squares.


Katrina said...

Oooo the star is very impressive-- I love the colors in it.

Anabelle said...

Thanks! its been fun. i'm totally addicted right now. do you crochet at all?

Katrina said...

Nope I don't crochet but I found these adorable designs to make crochet animals that reminded me of you.

I'm always on Joann Fabrics website finding new craft ideas-- they have some pretty cute stuff on their.