Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adoption Option..What's your function???

Yes... adoption. This is a hot topic around my household... something I am passionate about... something my hubs is dead set against.

Now I'm not talking babies... I got one of them. I'm talking teens... teens stuck in the foster system without a family... who will probably be spit out of the foster system at 18 not having anyone to go home to for Christmas.... and this makes my heart so sad.

And for some reason I have this desire and a Godly drive to save a few of them... My hubs thinks I'm nuts... that it's a ton of work.. that they have issues emotionally and behavior problems. Of course they do...wouldn't you in thier situation? But I dont' want to do this because it's easy... I want to do it because I know it's hard, and not mant people will do it because of that. I want to show a few kids in my life time, that things don't always suck.... and that they are worth loving.

Maybe it comes from my issues as a kid... feeling unloved.... maybe that makes me want to help other kids so they dont' have to feel that way. I don't know.

Ministering to others is a very important part of being a Christian. Some do this in soup kitchens, some do it by givings thier money to special causes... I want to do it by giving my love to others whom may not recieve love otherwise. Am I nuts?

So I plant little seeds in my hubby's head as often as possible. I send him pictures of teens in waiting from an adoption/foster site. I try my best to convince him that perhaps if he looked past how hard it would be... he'd see how rewarding it could be.

And I pray.... for a way to make it happen.


Anonymous said...

I go through this adoption craving at least once a year it seems, but mine is usually for younger kids. For 5 years before we met, j worked with kids who were in and out of foster care as well as adults with disabilities and he has SUCH a huge place in his heart for the older ones. I don't so much, so we've tabled the foster/adoption talk for a few years.

Could you get your hubby interested in the topic (and maybe satisfy your own desire to serve others) by signing up to be a mentor/big brother/big sister type figure? You'd still be giving of your time and talents, and dipping your toes into that arena. Good luck!

Anabelle said...

that's a good idea.... its not that he's not a giving person..I just don't think he wants to disrupt our family life.... which I do get. I think maybe in a couple of more years.... maybe when we're closer to our mid thirties... perhaps he'll have grown and matured more as a parent and be ready for something that big.

Big sisters/big brothers is a good place to start though :) I'll have to check it out.