Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picasso's Doves - Letterboxing

After hiking through the Isinglas Mountain park, we headed down the road to another small trail with letter boxes called Picasso's Doves.

This trail was much easier, with smaller hills... and we were able to find both boxes!

The path is directly across the street from the entrance to St Mary's Cemetary, located at 71 Lowell Street in Rochester. It is marked by a red fire hydrant, and blocked to motorized vehicles by a large log. Parking is on the street. Apparently this area is occasionally used by turkey hunters, so its wise to not go creeping around dressed like a bird during hunting season.

Step over the logs and follow the path. A short ways in it will take you to a clearing. The path continues to the left side of the clearing.

You will cross a small stream. Just past the stream is the moss-covered remains of a rock wall. The first dove is hidden next to the wall on the left side of the trail, hidden by leaves and sticks. (Note: There's a bit of old barbed wire near here. To avoid, approach the wall by going around the right side of the old dead tree.)

Continue up the trail. After a while, you will notice the sides of the trail begin to drop away into a valley on each side. Soon you will approach another clearing on the trail. The second dove is behind a large pine, the tree in the 2 o'clock position (or at 170 degrees bearing from the trail, if you happened to bring your compass.)

Return back the way you came.