Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting her Great grandpa..aka.. Papa

We did some more letterboxing today.... I've decided not to post pics, in case anyone googles letter boxing and my posts spoil spots for them.

Here is where we went:
A Big Penny for Your Thoughts
Girl Scout Troop 12046 and Dez
Calef's And Joel's
Remember Veteran's Day
You've Got Mail

I'll post occasional pics, but no more play by plays.

Anyhow, a group of letterboxes we found today were located in my hubs home town... in the town's largest cemetary. It just so happens that my Hub's papa was buried here in 2003. After finding the letterboxes I drove Rowan over to his stone to "meet" him.

I explained how Papa had gone to heaven, but we could say Hi to him at his stone.

It was very sweet.. she told him..."hi papa, I love you".

I'm sure my hubs will find these pictures bitter sweet. He was very very close to his papa... and when he passed it was a emotional time for him.