Sunday, April 19, 2009

Larry Leprechaun Letterbox

This was our last box of the day. It was a nice simple trail...

Clues: This box is hidden in the William H. Champlin, Jr. Forest, located across the street from Skyhaven Airport on Route 108, in Rochester, New Hampshire.
Park in the parking lot.
Be aware of muddy conditions and downed branches.
From the green sign walk towards the trail, which is diagonally to the right, across the field, and you will see a white arrow pointing to the trail.
Start on the trail.
Get to the 4-way intersection and go left.
Continue on the trail and see an abandoned piece of farm equipment on your right.
Continue on the trail and come to your first large white birch tree on your right.
From the birch tree take 30 strides and you will see a 5 trunked tree on your right.
Here is where you will find the St. Patrick's Day letterbox!
Please re-hide well! Thanks! :)