Monday, April 20, 2009

Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary - Letterbox

This was a fun little box to find.. the woods were gorgeous albeit a bit muddy in the spring weather.. I made the mistake of wearing my crocs.. thankfully my toes are washable haha. I had to carry Rowan most of the way in order to keep her mostly clean.. so yeah, totally a good workout for me haha.

Take the grassy path to a mailbox (inside is a notebook to note the wildlife you have observed along your walk when you exit). This trail can be quite muddy especially in the spring and watch out for the tree roots. After the mailbox follow the yellow trail markers to the left to start. Foot bridge. Trail meets up with red trail marker, take red to the left and follow along the water staying on the trail marked with red. Houses to your left across the river, trail bears to the right. At the point where there is a clear view of the river and several houses across the river turn 180 degrees to face woods. Look for large dead barkless pine tree directly in front of you. From the back of this tree take 10 steps to a tall pine with branches only near the top. From the back of that tree take 30 paces to a large dead tree that leans to the west. Behind that tree is what you seek. Stamp up and rehide.