Monday, April 20, 2009

Life at Sea - Letterbox

This was our last box of the day. We actually went to 4 spots. One's letterbox was MIA.... the other one was a bit sketchy.. but we found it anyhow.... So I'm only posting the two others we found :) If you ask me, the greatest treasure find of the day was this playground :)

This is in Long Hill Memorial Park, though the sign has somehow gone missing. From Old Rochester Road, turn West on Long Hill, and left into the park behind Middleton Lumber.

From the playground, stand with your back to the sprial slide. Look through the swingset, and take that trail into the woods.

Make a right at the intersection.

Continue straight as small trails join.

At the fork in path, stay left, and go only a few feet. To your left, about 8 feet off the trail is a V shaped Oak. Behind that oak is weird looking tree growing like a backwards "L".

The box is hidden under this tree.