Saturday, December 20, 2008

White Christmas

Well it's going to be white alright! Last night and into this morning we got about 6 or 8 inches of snow. It's the beautiful white fluffy kind that flies away in swirls when you step in it.

Last winter we spent quite a bit of time outside with Rowan in a baby sled, but this year she's old enough to really enjoy playing in the snow. I had gotten a new purple big girl sled for Christmas but once I looked out the window this morning I knew we were going to have to surprise her with it today.

I sat her on the couch and told her to close her eyes, ran upstairs to grab it from it's hiding place, and then SURPRISE!!!! She opened her eyes with a big smile and said.. "mama, its a big one?" hahaha

So outside we went. We were out there for a good hour before she finally caved and admitted to being cold... thank goodness because I was getting darn cold too! Especially after she stole my scarf haha. It was fun though... she went sledding down a few hills and even made a snow angel. My little snow bunny!

Here are some pics and a few videos.