Monday, December 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Monologue One

"Daddy ro want something else to eat"

"Ok what do you want?"

"Roro pick"

Barney carries rowan to kitchen, and stands her up on the counter in front of her snack cabinet... and yes she has her own cabinet with all her own snacks

Rowan peruses the cabinet.... it is 6:45 and bedtime is in 15 minutes...

Barney says... "hurry up kid, your stalling...."

Rowan makes some sort of tongue clucky sound indicating she is still deciding. She picks popcorn.... air popped kind of course, which is a large project involving the taking out of popcorn popping equipment from the dreaded dead end under cabinet that no one likes to open due to the excessive avalanches of crock pots and dehydrating contraptions that will land on your foot.

Barney.. "no honey, that takes to long.. pick something else"

Anger flares... and a small toddler high pitched voice lashes out in contempt "ROWAN PICKED IT.... ROWAN WANTS IT!!!!!!!"

oh goodness.

Monologue 2

Its 12:30... nap time. I take Rowan up to bed. I am tucking her in for a nap.

Me: "Ok honey... its nap time, I'll see you when you wake up."

Ro "Daddy be home?"

Me: "yes, daddy will be home shortly after you wake up"

Ro: "daddy no working tomorrow ok?"

Me: "daddy has to work tomorrow... but you get to stay home with mummy again, that's fun right? You had fun shopping with me today right?"

Ro: "shopping fun.... roro have fun..." her faces lights up with a big smile full of thankfulness "Thank you mama for my new Erwin.... Thank you mama.. I love you"

Me: heart melting.."I love you to Roro, your welcome"

I bought her a Little Pet Shop pug toy at kohl's while shopping.. it came complete with a pooper scooper, a newspaper with a pee stain on it, and a pile o' dog poo... it was a pug... that looks like our pug Erwin. She was very excited about it, and even put the poo into one of the plastic doggy bags Barney keeps in our cabinet for when he walks the dog...


*~*Lis*~* said...

so I gotta know - did she get the popcorn?

Becky said...

You can make the air popped corn in a plain ole brown lunch sized bag in the microwave....