Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miss Crafty Crafterton

Well as you all know, I was laid off at the end of the summer. And therefore I've got no money to spare. So, this year I've gone bananas making Christmas gifts, and all I know how to do is crochet.. so that's what I've done.

Case in point.

Exhibit one, completed gift for Rowan's teacher, Mrs. Legeuex. A "Fruit" basket :)

Exhibit two, this is a scarf I whipped out for the student teacher in Rowan's class, Miss Sarah. She's young and in college so I thought she'd enjoy the fun colors.

Exhibit three, the burger plate I've already shown, for her yankee swap amongst her toddler peers :)

And lastly, is anyone interested in purchasing this Rainbow scarf? Personally I love rainbows however my hubs seems to think that all rights to the rainbow have been purchased by the gay community and therefore I look silly in it. He's probably right, and frankly I'm quite bitter that the rainbow has been thus stolen... damn you gay friends, damn you all to hell haha