Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Review

What a crazy busy fun day. It would have been alot better had it not been for this cold I have, I'm at deaths door and I had spend the entire day cooking. The meal was damn good though, and well worth it.

Rowan truly did have a great time. She was so funny opening her presents. She had to play with every one of them for at least 15 minutes before she'd move on to a new one. Needless to say, it took a few hours to open presents haha.

When the power had come back on (see below post) I rolled over in bed and told Boo I was going downstairs to put the roast into the crock pot. As soon as Rowan heard that I was going down, she sat up in bed (she was in ours) and said..."Mama, Claus!!!!!" hahaha So after that, there was no keeping her sleeping. We came downstairs where my parents were waiting (they slept over)and Rowan surveyed the presents.

She went first to the new doll house my parents bought her. Its huge compared to her little tiny baby one and she was very excited about. It took quite a while for her to get through opening all the different rooms for the house.

Santa had also brought her Tinkerbell (the movie) and a set of Tinkerbell dolls/action figures. She's very into princesses and fairies and all that fun stuff.

Another big hit was the Barbie doll and horse she received. She spent a better portion of the day playing with and feeding the horse. It was quite cute.

She also received some books, and some other assorted toys like doll clothes for her dolls.

After supper my parents headed out for the long drive home, and we packed up into the car to head over to my SIL's to exchange presents with her and also my MIL/FIL.

We only bought for the kids.... I gave baby Molly her crocheted Bunny and Toby Jr really loved his Cars movie. Rowan was very excited to get some new washable paints from her Aunty Shawna.. which is good because right now she uses all my professional paints from my own art supplies and they are NOT washable. She has a set of painting clothes she wears when ever we paint... now we wont' have to worry about it :)

Nonnie and Pops got Rowan her very own Hello Kitty digital camera. She is super excited. Unfortunately I had not AAA's to put into it, but once I buy some today while grocery shopping I imagine she'll be taking many pictures of the ceiling and our ankles hahaha

Overall it was a truly blessed day, and we had a ton of fun. Its amazing how much more fun things get the older Rowan gets.... next year she'll be nearly three.. sniffles!!! I can't wait though... this Mom gig is the bomb.

Christmas at my Sister in Laws:


*~*Lis*~* said...

looks like you had a great day!!

*~*Lis*~* said...

hey won't she be almost FOUR next year!