Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas morning was a blast! Oddly we lost power at around 3 am, and I laid in bed praying to God that it would come back on, because otherwise we were having leftover Chinese food for Christmas dinner... it came back on around 5:00 am... Thank you God!!! And thank you to the poor utility worker that had to be out fixing powerlines on Christmas morning.

Rowan came down the stairs and made a bee line for her new doll house.... She did really well opening all the presents but it took forever! Everytime she opened a new toy, she would play with it for quite a while before she was ready to move on.

The big hits of the day were her doll house and her Barbie doll horse stall/pony toy.

Now we're all sitting around, watching Christmas movies and playing with toys. :)

God Bless you All and have a wonderful wonderful Day!!!

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