Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rowan's Christmas Pageant

Tonight was Rowan's Christmas Pageant and it was adorable! It was nice and short which is good because it was at 7pm, Rowan's bedtime. In fact she yawned a few times haha

Her big line in the play was "in the manger" which she was to say after Miss Sharon the music teacher asked her "But where will the baby sleep?" Of course the second the microphone was in front of Rowan's face she yelled "In the MANGER" as loud as possible and before Miss Sharon even finished "where" haha ahh well, at least she said her line.

Here is a slide show

This first video is where she says her line, if you listen closely, as soon as you hit play you'll hear Rowan yell "in the manger!!"

I had bad timing with turning the camera on and I missed a good part of it. Ahh well I tried :)

The line

The singing


*~*Lis*~* said...

how sweet! it's things like this i'll miss from having them at home :(