Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Until Death do us Part

I had a conversation with the hubs the other night about marriage. We were watching Food network and the Ace of Cakes fella had made a cake for a couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

After doing some math in my head, which I'll admit took me quite some time, I figured out that we'd be 77 years old when we hit that milestone. 77 years old.

This just got me thinking about us, and our marriage. I really can't imagine spending my life with anyone else... When I think of Barney and I, I think of forever. I can't think of a single thing that would ever make me want to end our marriage... well aside from him having an affair... but Barney is a good honest man, and although his eyes may stray... I know his heart never will. And even through something like that, I can honestly say that I would put effort into working things out if he told me he was still in love with me. When I said "through good times and bad" I meant it.

So I asked him...."Boo, do you see us making it that long? Being married until we're 77?" I was curious, curious to see if he thought of our marriage as being as permanent as I did... he said....

"of course I do... I wouldn't have married you had I not thought this was forever... and I still do."

My heart warmed..... and I wondered if his ass would be just as hot at 77 as it is now.... hmmmmmm


Monica LeMoine said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I love happy marriages, don't you? So many people are less fortunate, didn't know themselves enough to realize who they were marrying. My man is my best friend on earth. I knew it the moment he rescued me out of a pit toilet in Uzbekistan. Hey, I think I just inspired my own next blog post.

Anabelle said...

a pit toilet in Uzbekistan eh? wow lol now that's a story I'd like to hear... to think i just met Barney in night school.. it sounds so... boring now lol