Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Wedding - Flash backs

I have been on a huge cleaning/decluttering spree today and in that process I found the disc with our wedding photos on it. I immediately uploaded them all onto snapfish so that we'd have them saved somewhere if the disc was ever damaged.

I perused through them reminiscing about the ceremony and the trip.

For those that don't know, Barney and I were married in 2005 in Vegas. We'd both been married before and had both experienced a large wedding. We'd started planning a small potluck style wedding at his parent's house but before we knew it, we were looking into renting tents, chairs portable potties and a gazillion other things. It was supposed to be small and low key and had morphed into something huge.

So, after a frustrating lunch break spent researching rental prices, I finally brought up expedia and curiously checked out prices for a trip to vegas.

To my surprise it was cheaper than the "cheap" wedding we were trying to plan. One quick phone call to Boo and I was booking the trip.

It was a spur of the moment decision and within a month we were on the plane.

The only people we told were my parents and my sis. We were hoping my mother and sister would come along so at least someone was there... and they agreed. Actually we ended up booking the ceremony for January 27th, my mother's birthday. :)

We had it at the Las Vegas Garden of Love Wedding Chapel, which unfortunately doesn't look to be in business anymore. Sniffles.

Anyhow, the ceremony was short and sweet. We laughed alot... cried a bit... and then we kissed and headed off to the Stratosphere Tower to have dinner.

Along the way we also visited all the cool hot spots in town and took a bus tour over the the Hoover Dam.

Oh we announced the wedding by sending out post cards from Vegas to our family and friends :)


*~*Lis*~* said...

awwww so sweet!

I did just the opposite - just me and him with a JP the first time around. Since that didn't work out so good I decided I wanted BIG the second time! Came with a much bigger price tag than we wanted, but it's working out great.

With the exception of the stupid ass complaints about store brand soup....

Monica LeMoine said...

that is a groovy wedding picture - what a great story! you're both super gorgeous!

Anabelle said...

thanks! you should most definitly come back and check out the half naked pics of him I posted ;)