Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Today Rowan and I are home together for Christmas Eve. Barney is working but only this morning and will be home soon hopefully.

Part of our big plans for the day were to make cookies for Santa, and boy was Rowan excited about it! She's so into Santa this year, I love it. Every night as I tuck her in, she asks me if its Christmas yet... I always say, "no honey.. a few more days"... and she retorts, "No mama, Christmas now, ok??" hahaha She can not wait to open presents and for Santa to visit.

So we just finished up making our cookies. Please no jesting at the store bought package. She's 2 and I coudln't imagine trying to make cookies from scratch. She'd probably get bored half way through. With the store bought cookies, she was able to seperate the the peices and put them on the pan all by herself.

Her favorite part??? Eating them of course! We just had some for a mid morning snack... gotta love holiday food!

She also picked out three nice cookies to put on a plate for the big guy himself.. I can't wait to take a few bites out of them tonight after she goes to bed, and to show her how Santa ate some when she wakes up tomorrow :)


*~*Lis*~* said...

Lorelei and I just finished ours - I'll brag and say ours were from scratch! :)

I can not wait for tomorrow morning!!! This is the first year she's really gotten it - it's worked out nice because we've been threatening her with no presents all month :)

I feel a little bad though, the only thing she's actually asked for is a Velma doll from Scooby-doo and I haven't been able to find one (except a vintage one on Amazon that was like $200!), I'm really hoping she forgets but I have a feeling she's not going to. I guess it will be an early lesson in disappointment :(