Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Animals Eat Thier Young

Man Alive, I tried to get Rowan to school today and it was HELL!!! She screamed at the top of her lungs all morning. Part of that is that I always have to rush her in the morning... I don't have time to deal with her not wanting to wear what I picked out, or not wanting an elastic in her hair, but a barrette instead.

It drives me batty....

I get impatient, she gets angry and before you know a 30 year old and a 3 year old are screaming at each other.

Today I had to physically drag her out the door, and force her to be buckled into her seat.

For 27 lbs, the kid has got some hella strength.

By the time we got half way to school she was in such hysterics I had to pull over... she vomited all over herself and was begging to come home with snot and tears streaming down her face and sobbing that she was sad... and wanted mommy.

I gave in.

You can only win so many battles, and today I had clearly lost.

We turned around, sat down on the couch to hug one another...... and be quiet for a while.

Once we both calmed down, I talked to her about why she was so angry.

She told me it was all because I hadn't given her time to get the sticker she had lost while I was trying to get her out the door.

Which I know sounds like I should have just let her look for it, but it was just one of a dozen stall tactics she had pulled out of her pocket.

please understand, the child is a master manipulator.

And so we stayed home today. She whined, and grouched... I told her to stop being fresh.... but for the most part we attempted to move a bit slower and talk things out.

Here's proof.. I swear the kid is evil! haha


*~*Lis*~* said...

It's a 3 year old thing - or maybe just a kid thing? Lorelei pulls the same shit all the time. She flat out refuses to let me put a ponytail anymore - then bitches all day because her hair is in her face!