Tuesday, March 10, 2009

After Sex Deep Thoughts 9

Whoa its been almost 2 weeks... apparently, as a couple, hubs and I have been slacking! haha

Actually he hurt is neck last week.. which rendered him immobile... needless to say, acrobatics weren't in his plans ;)

Anyhoodle, last night hubs fell asleep pretty quickly (DST is still messing with us) and I read my book.

We did have a fun little chat however, during our "after" snuggles.

St Patty's day is coming up. And our first date was on St. Patty's day (almost 6 years ago). We both talked about that day and what we were like before child, and before marriage.

It was kind of fun to remember our old selves. He was young and full of energy... he was still racing at that point.. he was still a bit broken from his divorce and he was eager to meet a new girl.

I was fresh off of losing 135 lbs and needless to say full of confidence. I felt pretty and happy about life. I was ready to move on from my ex-husband and meet new people.

We met in college as I know I've blogged before.... and our little romance was sickeningly cute to our fellow students.

When he and I first started talking, I wasn't quite sure he was into me. He was friendly and all, but I could sense his hesitation about my divorce not quite being final yet.

I worked at a restaurant on the UNH campus, and he also worked at UNH on the construction crew.

He mentioned how he liked eating at the place next door to me because there were a lot of cute girls. I invited him to lunch (on me) and made a joke about how he could scope them out while he was there. (the two restaurants were physically attached and open to one another. You could walk between them inside).

So he came in the next day, and got lunch while I joked with him about the hot blond over there that he could drool over.

I found out later, that he was coming in to drool over me... and had no interest in the blond what so ever. Apparently he was a red head kind of guy, and the sight of me all dirty and covered in flour while garbed in an apron was super sexy to him. I'll spare you the visions he had about me in that apron haha

It brought a little smile to my face last night as I remembered that.... and I snuggled up to him immersed in the memories of our young love.... and thankful for the older love we now share.

Our First Date