Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little congratulations is in order

Its been three day snow, that Rowan has given up her Nuk addiction. Barney and I are both so impressed with how easy the transition was and how well she has proved herself to be a big girl.

Therefore, we splurged and got her a little treat... only a tiny splurge mind you, I'm a frugal girl, and I only shop the clearance section.

This face isn't a face of boredom, that's what she looks likes during intense times of concentration, which means she really really likes this toy. haha


*~*Lis*~* said...

Way to go Rowan!

A New England Life said...

Good for Rowan! What a nice little treat. I know it has to be tough giving up her nuk but it sounds like she is being a trooper.

Anabelle said...

she is being a trooper.. and man alive can that child talk your ear off when she doesn't have a nuk in her mouth lol

anymommy said...

What a cutie. Great job Rowan. Keep angling for more toys ;-)