Monday, March 2, 2009

All I could do was laugh

I dragged Rowan's bag of summer clothes out this morning just to see what still fit her... that way I could get an accurate idea of what we need to buy for clothes this summer (thankfully she's so small she fits into all her clothes still.. score!)

Anyhow..she insisted on keeping on a pair of shorts a tank top all morning. I figured whatever, with the nor'easter we got going on right now, her attire was making me feel a bit warmer.

Anyhoo, she was in the bathroom going pee and came out looking like this.

Barney and I laughed so hard. Oh my goodness... she looks a bit like a stripper eh? lol


A New England Life said...

She's a hoot alright! I wouldn't be caught dead without layers but kids could care less. Too funny : )

Anabelle said...

the funniest part was that she came out of the bathroom laughing this funny laugh.. she knew she was being silly lol

*~*Lis*~* said...

BWAHAHAHA - she's so stinkin cute!

Anabelle said...

cute is one word for it. lol

momma2thestrainkids said...

my two year just started dressing her self and instist on picking out her own outfits. im glad we stay home most days.. talk about some fashion

Anabelle said...

/haha yeah... rowan thankfully allows me to pick her clothes out still but she does attempt to dress herself lol

its interesting to say the least.