Thursday, March 19, 2009

After Sex Deep Thoughts 10

Hubs has been hitting on me since this weekend... but alas I've been tired and cranky... last night he finally won.

It was a funny story really.

Barney had crawled into bed and I threw a small green pouch onto his chest and said... "check it out".

(I had purchased a smooth away kit at Target that day, and we'd been talking about them the day before after a commercial was on the tv... and we both wondered if they really worked or not... fyi, they do).

He for some reason, thought I was handing him some sort of silly err... "toy". (I guess his mind was in the gutter still)


He was quite dismayed to see that it was just a smooth away hahaha.

But needless to say, I'd started the motor and you can't just turn that sort of thing off with a man, especially when a "toy" might be involved.

We had quite a funny talk afterwards, and here is how it began.

He went upstairs to shower because he had been working all day from 6 am to 6 pm. I went upstairs a few minutes later and he came strolling out of the bathroom all neked like.

I was shocked, like shocked as if I'd just seen a stranger come out of my bathroom neked.

I know that sounds strange because we are husband and wife... however, we have a child now. That means there is no more nekedness or walking around neked... we have to always be clothed.

We used to sleep in the nude... but no more. Barney always wears his boxer briefs, and I always have a night gown or a tshirt and pj pants on.


Barney would never dream of being in the nude in front of Rowan. He even feels a bit self conscious in his boxers and usually has on pj pants also. In fact, she thinks daddy is naked when he is in his boxers... as if they are a part of his body haha.

(she sees me naked, as we shower together sometimes. Poor kid, I can only imagine the horrible nightmares she will have someday, of a wide, white cottage cheese ass in her face)

So we talked about our lack of nekedness... and I told him how shocked I was to see him come out of the bathroom.... penis dangle jangling all out there and stuff... In fact I gasped a bit when I saw him, and he did an amusing thrust of the hips while doing a funny woo hoo noise.. (typical male).

And so here we are. We've been together for 6 years.... and because we have a kid (and because I insist on sex in only the pitch black)... seeing each other neked has become some sort of shocking eye piercing moment...

Until last night, I'm not even sure I could've picked his penis out of a line-up. Heck, I'm still not sure I could.