Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Somebody call Child Protective Services

No honestly, I didn't punch her, I swear.
Rowan woke up this morning looking quite peculiar. I was horrified. She came climbing into bed yapping about how she wanted to watch Mickey Mouse and once I pryed my own eyes open to look at her, I gasped.

I said... "Rowan honey, does your eye hurt?"

"No mama.. no hurt."

"Did you hit it on something?"

"No mama."

"Hmmmm, does it itch?"

"nope.. i aight"

and here is the cause for my concern,

Egads eh? I called the pede, who advised that if she didn't' have a fever then it was most likely just a reaction to something.. perhaps spider bite. I gave her some benedryl which greatly reduced the swelling (and gave me a nice quiet morning) and I'm keeping a close eye on it. If its not better looking by tonight, we may bring her to the E room. Wish me luck!


*~*Lis*~* said...

Yikes! Poor kid - glad there's no fever though. Probably is a spider - I remember my dog got bit in the face a few years ago and I honestly thought another dog got in my house, didn't look like her at all!

And no, i'm not comparing your kid to my dog :)

Kar said...

My little one had a bite from a mosquito last summer and the same thing happened. The Benedryl worked just fine. It took a whole two days for the swelling to disappear, but it did. Poor thing. I feel for her. I just about died when it happened to my wee one. We have to watch her all the time now with bites. Super allergic. The eye area is the worst our doctor told us. Swells up with the slightest little bite. My little one had bruises. I watched her like a hawk.

Give Rowan a hug.