Friday, March 20, 2009

Never Fails

At least once a winter, I have a chapstick fiasco.

Which invovles accidentally leaving a cherry chapstick in my pocket, washing and drying a load of laundry with it, only to find my clothes emerge covered in oily pink spots.

Which are impossible to get out.

This time around it happened with 3 of my brand new shirts, and two of Rowan's brand new spring dresses.

Fuckety fuckers fuckington.

I just put it all back in and had to spot treat all the tiny pink oily spots with palmolive.. (the most effective method I've found to date).

gah!!! Oh how I hate and totally love you, Cherry Chapstick.


Monica LeMoine said...

Gotta jump back and comment on this brilliant little bit, Anabelle. First, "fuckitty fuckers fuckington" is about the best thing I've heard in years. I'd like to meet the guy who has that name. Next, the chapstick thing cracks me up. I've never done it, but can TOTALLY SEE how it could/would/can/may/might/will happen. I'm a huge cherry chapstick fan, and leave it in pockets all the time. Will let you know if I have a similar incident.

Anabelle said...

hehe glad you like it.... I don't curse to often.. not as often as I'd like anyhow.. my hubs is old fashioned and beleives me to be a lady (how naive) and since I live with a parrot now.. errr.. toddler... I gots to keep it on the downlow.

but I sure do like me a fuckitty fuckers fuckington everynow and then.

i had a college professor.. we called Pope Dermot (he was a little Irish fella that taught in his sox.. he rocked) that did an entire lecture once on the origins of the word fuck and how it could be used as almost every form of word... noun adjective etc...

he was brilliant :)