Thursday, March 19, 2009

The difference between a Virgo and a Sagitarius

I am a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, your element is Fire and your quality is Mutable. You are the philosopher of the Fire signs, enthusiastic and ever juggling ideas, the ‘mutable’ Fire sign. The Fire element means you are an intuitive type, motivated by enthusiasms, mental inspiration and the search for knowledge.

(I'm going to add free spirited, laid back and chilled to this)

My hubs is a Virgo

Virgo are neat and organised, there will always be some corner of your home, which shows your obsession with order. You are most happy when able to serve your ambitions and the people you love, but also able to keep time for yourself in your busy schedule. Sixth sign of the zodiac, your key phrase is “I analyse”.

(I'm going to add, spastic, anal and worrisome to that)

That was just some background information for you, in order to set you up for my story.

Today I bought a new grill. Mine was demolished by the ice hackers who threw ice down off my roof and onto said grill.

I want grilled chicken salad for dinner.. so much in fact, that I purchased and assembled the grill today.. it was a pain the ass.

Upon buying the grill, I brought it out to my car, to realize the box would not fit in my trunk or the interior of my car.

I giggled to myself. Thinking..."Hmm.. if hubs was with me, he'd be flipping the F out right now. He'd be beside himself... worrying, bitching about how he doesn't have a truck, complaining that my idea to buy a grill right now was stupid(sag trait of immediate satisfaction)..... He'd be spazzing."

I took the grill and its pieces out of the box, and set them gently in my trunk.

Nuf said.