Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boston Children's Museum

We had a wonderful day today at the Boston Children's Museum. My hubs unfortunatly tweaked his neck this week and opted to stay home and relax (can't say I blame him).

So it was just me and Rowan heading to Boston by ourselves. Well I lie, we met up with my friend Katrina and her family also.

It was a road trip for us two girls anyhow.

We went to Dunkin's for breakfast, where Rowan had some donuts. I couldn't help but laugh as the two of us sat munching away while "Girls Just Want to Have" Fun played on the radio in the background.

Then it was back to the car for the drive into the big city. Boston is very very hard to drive in. It wasn't a planned city like NYC, instead its crazy.. with bridges, tunnels, loop-dee-loops and whirly rounds.

Its a bit like being a pin ball in a pin ball machine. You get jettisoned out into traffic and hope to God you ping into the right area or into the road to get home.

It's easy to get into the city, very difficult to get out.

Thankfully I still had my friend's GPS.. and it faithfully guided me through.... phew.

The museum was a blast. Rowan ran around and around playing with as many thing as possible. Aidyn, my friend Katrina's 19 month old son, is an absolute sweet heart. He decided to take a liking to me, so I got to carry him around and give him a few fun snuggles through out the day.

After lunch both kids were pretty tired, so we went to one more display area and then headed outside to soak up the 60 degree weather and watch the birds fly over the river...


A New England Life said...

It looks like Rowan had a great time! It sounds like you had a great time too! We went there once with the girls years ago. There were so many kids making it pretty crowded but the girls certainly enjoyed themselves anyway.

Why didn't you park and take the T in? So much easier and cheaper! I remember going to the Aquarium and paying $27 to park. Hubby didn't want to take the T so we bit the bullet. Hey, Boston is a challange. It keeps life interesting. lol!

Anabelle said...

it actually wasn't that bad to drive with the gps.... and if you validate your parking at the museum, it was only 10 bucks :)

I beleive you can do that at the Aquarium too.... I dont' remember how much we've paid for parking the last few times, but it wasn't to bad. :)

We have parked in Newburyport a few times also and used the T... but its alot to do with a toddler. maybe next year when I don't have to cart quite as much gear around for her :)