Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I haven't been doing much blogging lately. Truth be told its because we have slower than death satelite internet here in the sticks and uploading pics takes forever. Poor excuse eh?

Here is a tiny snippet into what our days have been like lately.

Buddy the Golden retreiver puppy, is um, no longer a puppy.

New School manipulatives cake pops made by me.. voila!! so impressed with myself.

Easter Flowers

Our cacoon hatched! We had this guy in a buy box all winter... and finally on Easter day he made his way out! Sooooo super cool.

Building kid size picnic tables with Grampa

Painting picnic tables

Studying frog eggs

Smiling often

And playing of course


Katrina said...

Great pictures! I'm drooling over those cake pops right now!

Anonymous said...
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