Monday, April 19, 2010


I started this blog 2 years ago.

Mostly because my friend Katrina had one and I'm a follower like that.

(Of course now her blog is phenominal and practically famous and I've got like what? 15 followers? Oh but I do love all 15 of you so dearly!)

Anyhow back to the point. I started this blog 2 years ago when my baby girl turned 2. And well, now she's four *sobbing uncontrollably*

This weekend we had her big birthday bash. Once again our venue was the Children's Musuem of NH in Dover. I just adore it and we've had all of her birthdays there. Many of her wonderful friends came including her two BFF's Lorelei and Lily. Watching the three of them interact was priceless! They no longer play in tandum, they play and interact with one another. Their conversations are borederline adorable!!!

Rowan got a gazzillion wonder gifts and I'm still trying to find places to put them all... Which is quite pointless as she immediatly drags it back out once I've found it a home.

She had such a wonderful day and the smile never left her face. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

Oh I should also mention that the party was Rock Star themed.. which is why her friends were all dressed up :)


Katrina said...

I couldn't help but laugh so loud when I read the beginning. Thanks for flattering me haha.

{Make sure you read this to her word for word.} Happy Birthday!! I hope your birthday was everything you wished for and more. And...I was super excited to meet Hannah Montana. I'm definitely your biggest fan. Next time, leave me an autograph!!

Anonymous said...