Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Carnival

I've never thought of it as a big deal because I grew up in this town, but I guess being this close to an Ivy league school is kind of cool.

We live about 40 mins away from Dartmouth College, which around here is considered a hop skip and a jump.

At the Dartmouth owned Ski area this weekend, there was a Winter carnival celebration hosted to benefit CHAD (Children's Hospital at Dartmouth).

It was a fun event but the high light was most definitely the snow board box derby. There's not much funnier than a bunch of innocent kids, shoved inside a none to stable cardboard box, and shoved half way down a ski hill. The crashes were almost a bit frightening, and if we weren't surrounded by Pediatricians I might have raised a cry of protest.

No one was injured thankfully and the crowd got quite the chuckle.

Rowan included.... whom insisted on hooting and laughing at quiet moments when everyone else was silent...

That's my kid for you..... just ever so slightly off haha

The Hill

Now I know why people ski, I guess the views are pretty nice.

These kids were adorable with their pirate ship box.. they all dressed as pirates and had swords lol

I could totally use some bronzer or something... pasty!!!