Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Goodies

It was my goal this Easter to fill Rowan's basket with inexpensive things. In the past I've spent quite a bit of money on toys and movies, but she's almost 4 now, and she's got toys coming out the ying yang!

Also, at this age she'll remember what she gets... so unless I want to commit to 100 dollar Easter baskets for the rest of her life, I need to make the change now!

Part of keeping things frugal, I decided to make a few of her goodies.

I checked this book out form the Library and created this adorable little breakfast gift pack.

And of course, because the girl is a sucker for Penguins, I just had to make this adorable little fella from the Lion Brand website. :)

I think next up on my list will be this guy from Lion Brand.

Add in a bunch of dollar store goodies, and she'll be good to go! Hopefully she doesn't realize the Easter bunny crochets like mummy does.