Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

I had a much better week this week!

I've stepped up my game quite a bit as far as work outs go. I've only been able to do the elliptical as we've gotten tons of snow here in New England, but instead of just going with the two 1/2 programs I use, I've been bumping up the resistance on them as often as possible and ending the workout with ten minutes on the hardest level.. which is insanely difficult and it nearly kills me.

Lastly, because of I have to take breaks from the elliptical to let my feet un-numb (common elliptical problem) I have added some crunches and stomach toning Pilate's moves to my breaks. I can feel my abs getting tighter already (under the baby flab of course).

Today I am down to 209. Only a 1 lb loss but considering the amount of strength training I'm doing, I'm not surprised... its also that time of the month again! gotta love it lol