Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

This week was a bust weight wise, I didn't gain nor lose.

I have been running a lot and generally when I start running I put on quite a bit of muscle so I'm going to chalk it up to that as well as the fact that I came down with a cold Monday have not worked out for the past few days.

Overall however I'm happy that I didn't gain anything and even happier that the weather has been so warm that I was able to get outside for some runs. I even did a nice long 4 mile run on Sunday which was incredibly awesome.

Of course, today, I woke up to this.... Ugh... queue New England Nor'easter to dash my running dreams against the rocks.

Ahh well, it'll melt soon hopefully. I plan to start throwing in some strength training days with my cardio days. I want to focus on my abs for sure to get rid of the baby jiggle I've had going on there for the past 4 years, and definitely some leg stuff to help with my running.

Anyone have any great programs you use that you'd like to pass on?


A New England Life said...

Hang in there, Spring is coming! Soon you'll be able to get out more.

Sorry to see all that snow. All we've had is rain down here on the coast. My husband and daughter went skiing yesterday at Gunstock and he said it was snowing pretty hard when they left. The last run he said they could barely see down the mountain. The thing I'm worried about with all this rain is flooding : /

Colleen said...

Great job with running! Hope you are feeling better!

Do you have a Wii? I love using the Wii exergames for abs. I am currently enjoying golds gym. Its a boxing game that you really bend and twist and works those abs, arms and legs all at once. I am also using Kettleworx and love the core workout.

I pretty much do all my workouts right at home, inside. I hate the snow and cold so the only exercise I get outside right now is shovelling lol

Anonymous said...

Good job running!!! I can't belive how much snow you guys are getting out east. The same storm came through Wisconsin & I don't think we had nearly as much. Best of Luck to you in the weeks ahead.
MaryAnn (Team Red)

Reiza said...

I understand. I had a similar week not long ago (sick and bad weather). Three cheers for not gaining. I know we all want to lose, but any time we don't gain is a good thing.

Colleen beat me to it. If you get that storm, remember that shoveling is a great workout. :-)

Anabelle said...

Oh my gosh, I felt better by Thursday, and I shoveled for 30 mins (my back is killing me!), did 30 mins on my elliptical, 20 mins of belly dancing and then 30 mins of Yoga! talk about catching up haha