Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Weight In

I'm experiencing some minor technical difficulties regaurding my weight today. We are house sitting for my in laws and I have no idea how accurate her scale is compared to my own... they're all different! I had planned on weighing myself when I left and then getting here and weighing myself immediatly upon arriving but that plan was lost in the chaos of relocating a 3 year olds home for a week. Egads!

So today according to her scale I am 215lbs. A weight increase. I'm curious to see what the scale at home says when we get back.

I have not being eating well though this week, I'll totally admit to that. My hubs grandmother brought over an apple pie baked in a giant 2 foot by 1 foot baking dish, yowza! And being in a different place has made it very hard to stick to what I did all last week.

I have been exercising however. Running no less which has been totally awesome! I've being using my elliptical since probably late October and I was able to go out there and still run 3 miles easily and in 37 mins which is 3 mins faster than I could this fall :) It has been awesome! and it makes me look foward to my workout times each day. I can't wait for spring so I can start running more regulary.

So anyhoodle, there is my weird messed up "not sure if its accurate" weigh in. :)

I hope your weeks were more consistant than mine!

UPDATE: I put little miss on the scale and she weighed 2 lbs more than her normal weight (she does not fluctuate) so that being said I think I'm at 213. Still higher than last week but like I said, I'm eating like crapola this week, plus I'm pmsing... hopefully next weeks results will be better!


Phunkyrockgal said...

Keep at it. I'm sure you'll see a loss next week!

Paula from Team Purple

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

Welcome to the challenge.

I'm Stacey from Say Something Stacey and the Green Team. Don't worry about an up week you'll be back down once life settles I'm sure! PMS and being relocated with 3 year old is just not conducive to weight loss :)

Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...

I agree with Stacey & Paula. Hope next week is better for you!
~Lauren from the Blue Team

Colleen said...

You are exercising...and once you get back home and the eating is better you will be doing awesome! So give yourself a good pat on the shoulder for running and using that elliptical.
~Colleen~TEam red

Anabelle said...

Thank you ladies! :) Ugh and tonight was Corn Beef and all the fixing with my grandmother in law hahaha oy oy oy!

Stefany said...

Stopping by from the Purple team...

I am glad you aren't discouraged. Keep up your great work and you will be right back where you want to be. It is hard when life situations change and you should be proud that you are exercising! I want an elliptical so bad!