Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Does anyone else out there get horrified at the idea of standing naked in front of their husband?

Last night I was in the bathroom with the door shut. I was washing my face, changing into my jamma's, brushing my teeth, you know that sort of thing.

My hubs knocked on the door..."you going pee?" he asks. I snatched my pajamas off the hook and said "No I'm changing". I figured this would tell him to go away.

But no.. he just busted on through the door!


"I'M NAKED!!" I yelled in exasperation as I shielded my body with my pajama top.

He gave me a look of offense...."We're husband and wife!"

I just stood there, cowering against the wall embarrassed and covered up like I'd just been intruded upon by a complete stranger... he squirted some lotions on his hands, and started walking away....."I plan on getting you naked later anyways"

Damn it.


Paula said...

I'm definitely not up for my husband seeing me naked at this point in time!

Anabelle said...

haha I hear ya! only in the dark and laying down when things are flat! lol