Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow Mama!!!

Going through the motions of the holidays while living back in my home town is quite nostalgic for me. I find myself reliving bits of peices of my childhood from sledding with my old friends to that quiet feeling in our house in the early morning hours that held promises of excitment and childhood joy.

One of the many traditions I resurected for my daughter was a trip to the La Salette shrine in Enfield, a few towns over from me.

They host an incredible Christmas light show every single year... complete with life sized nativity scenes and a quaint Catholic chapel built of rough hewn lumber with open beams and old fashioned latern chandeliers... If your craving an old fashioned country Christmas, you would want to spend your time in this chapel... it is breathtaking.

Rowan took one look out the car window however at the lights....and that was all she really cared about..... "Wow Mama!!"


Kar said...

Love your tree! So pretty! And all those Christmas lights you guys went to see. So pretty! Have fun crafty with Rowan.