Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Festive

Sorry I've been away so long! I've been up to a lot of things lately and therefore have been super busy! I've done a lot of Christmas Crafting including an Advent Christmas Ornament Crochet along, some home made gifts for family and lots and lots of baking, cocoa drinking and snuggling of course!

So I'll leave you with a butt load of pictures... wow? Did I really just say butt load on my blog??? Yup, yup I did....

An attmept at a self Christmas portrait... blah, we'll be redoing this.

Advent Ornament Crochet a Long

Buddy loves the snow!!

Over the river and through the woods to find our tree we go! (Rowan and grampa)
(yes, us rednecks go out into the woods and chop down a "wild" tree) hehe

We had to cut down a 40 foot tree because I liked the top of it hehe

Snowy woods

Not bad for free :)

Add some bows and decorations....

And... Tada!


Amy said...

Your garland looks sooo great! I need to get pictures of all my ornaments hanging, it's just been so dark here lately. :-) Soon!

Anabelle said...

thanks! it gets cuter every day! :) I've made a little wreath, little mittens andthe cute little sweater too :)