Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Miss Rowan has turned into quite the little chatter box lately. In fact the other day at the grocery store she stopped every stranger we passed to tell them her life story.

Today at church was no exception. At the beginning of every service, the Pastor brings up all the children before they head off to Sunday school and has a "Talk with the Children" sermon. He preaches a child's version of the day's regular sermon and allows them to ask questions and lead a cute little prayer.

Today Rowan was the only child there.... so she hopped and skipped up the aisle with the Sunday school teacher and sat down on the stairs ready to "listen".

But that's not what happened. Our pastor strapped on a tool belt and began discussing Habitat for Humanity and how Jesus wants us to help others.

He asked Rowan why a person would wear a tool belt.

Now for those that don't know, my hubs is an electrician, so a tool belt is the norm in this household. So Rowan had a lot of information to offer in regards to tool belts....

She told him that you wear them work...

Here the pastor begins to agree and wants to continue on...

Ro has others plans....."and my daddy wears one, with Rodger (his apprentice) and they work on wires, and fix lights.... "

The pastor tries to continue on about how Jesus helped others...

Rowan stops him mid sentence by telling him about helping.."My mama helps me brush my teach, and she puts me to bed and reads me a book and sings songs... and she helps me make butterflies, and butterflies fly like this" (flaps arms)

The banter went on for at least 5 minutes during which time the congregation is laughing hysterically, I'm flushed red and giggling... my hubs is hanging is head in his hand and trying not to laugh.

Finally the pastor just laughs, and says, "I think its time to button this up." Queue more laughter from the crowd... and Miss Rowan flashes a big grin, waves at us down the aisle, and heads on out for her Sunday school lesson.

Well, she probably didn't learn much, but she certainly put a smile on every single one of our church family's faces today.